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Have you owned a Diesel vehicle between 2008-2019? You might be entitled to make a diesel claim.

Thousands of other drivers have already joined Diesel Emission claims and you don't need to currently own the car.
Your claim could be worth £1000's.

What is it all about?

How it began

To make sure The United Kingdom reaches its carbon emissions targets, cars are only allowed to produce a limited amount of harmful gases.

Cars are inspected to make sure they stick to the allowed levels of pollution with emissions testing devices.

In 2015, it was discovered Volkswagen had been putting secret cheat devices into their cars to trick emissions tests into believing their pollution levels were below what they actually were.

Volkswagen settled and paid out £193m to over 90,000 drivers who made claims against them. With some claims earning up to £10,000.

The current situation

Much like Volkswagen, Mercedes have been caught using cheat devices to trick emissions tests.

It is important we don't allow car companies to go unpunished, circumventing rules and lying with impunity. Not only could claiming against them net you a tidy sum, but it sends a message that their behaviour is not acceptable.

Making a claim is as easy as going to our make a claim page, filling out a form, uploading your ID/Selfie, and pressing send. It's all no win no fee, meaning nothing comes out of your pocket, even if you don't end up with a claim.


£18 Billion

The amount of profit Mercedes Benz Group made in 2021.



The potential number of customers affected by the diesel scandal.



The amount of money the Board of Mercedes Benz Group earned in 2021.

Common Questions

What is a defeat device?

In simple terms, cheat devices can tell the difference between the vehicle being run on a dyno (which is how regulators generally do their testing) and actually being driven on a road. When it senses that the car is in a real-life situation, the device chooses performance and fuel economy over emissions. The actual method of detecting whether or not the car is being tested may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the principal remains the same. In some cases the difference in emissions in real-life usage has been reported as high as 40 times the level reported during testing.

How much could my claim be worth?

At this point, it's simply too early for us to give you a real estimate of the compensation you are likely to receive. The industry as a whole estimates claims to be worth up to £10,000, but there are a number of factors that can affect the value of your claim including:

Is my petrol Mercedes car affected?

No. Only diesel Mercedes cars are affected.

How long will my claim take?

So far, the only manufacturer to have actually paid compensation for Diesel Emissions is VW. We anticipate the other manufacturers caught in similar ‘cheat device’ scandals will also pay out in the future and we are collecting those potential claims now. We have no way of knowing exactly how long your claim will take to settle because each manufacturer will fight their individual corners in trying to defend their actions differently, just as VW did . The consumers who made claims against VW waited approximately 4 years to receive their payments.

Any company or website making claims about exactly when you can expect compensation to be paid for your Mercedes diesel claim or for a diesel claim on other car manufacturer is not being truthful. Just like VW, these are Class Action Lawsuits and they take time. Expect to wait a couple/few years. You can expect updates during that time, but please be patient. There are not many worthwhile updates to provide once you've joined the claim and your paperwork has been completed. It is a bit of a waiting game on your part.

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